Computer Peripherals Hardware – The Parts of a Computer System

To start, let us define the difference between computer hardware and computer software. While computer hardware are physical items also known as computer hardware components, hardware devices or even just computer parts, they are all parts of a computer that physically make up a computer system.

Software on the other hand is not a physical item, and is only a program written as instructions for hardware to follow. One simple example of this is used referring to yourself, a grocery list and a pencil. Imagine that you are a hardware device, the pencil is a dvd/cd writer, the piece of paper the list is written on is a disc. All of these are physical items and are referred to as hardware, The software here is the contents of the list itself, It is not a physical item, only written instructions on what is needed.

Now, breaking down the different hardware names (terms), we have computer hardware devices which are basically a piece of computer hardware that is designed for a simple specific purpose such as a floppy drive or mouse. Another name also referred to while discussing computer parts hardware is the computer hardware components. Computer hardware components are the single hardware parts that make up the whole computer system, such as the motherboard, processor or hard drive.

We also have peripherals hardware, which is similar to the hardware device with the exception that the peripherals hardware is an addition or an extension of the computer system, such as the printer, speakers or a digital camera. The word hardware originated from the construction industry years ago referring to the nuts and bolts used to increase the strength of the building materials being used and the term was coined for the computer systems describing the physical make up of the entire computer system.

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Computer Hardware

You have to know the different parts of your computer particulaly the computer hardware. Rarely do you find a home with no computer nowadays. Some people call it the computer age and it is true because computers have already become a very important part of our lives such that we can no longer do away with computers. We bring these gadgets wherever we are. You can see people, adult and young people alike, bringing their notebooks in restaurants and cafeterias. They are taking advantage of the WiFi zone. Children cannot study without computers because all the data that they need are stored in the World Wide Web. It is always easy to browse through the internet. Just type the data that you want in the search bar and click enter. All the relevant information regarding that topic will immediately pop out on your screen. There is no need to go to the library and read all the thick books piled on the cabinet. All the data you need can be accessed through the computer.

There are different types of computer, from the desktop and laptop to the mini notebook that most people always carry with them. If you are a writer, you will definitely treat your personal computer as your partner. You need the computer in your daily activities. You simply cannot live without it because all your articles and files are stored in the computer. There is no need for you to bring thick notes anymore. This generation is indeed very lucky to have such a powerful technology. That is the reason why you should take good care of your computer hardware. There are two major components of the computer which are the hardware and the software. The hardware is everything that you see on the outside, we have the keyboard, screen or what others call monitor, mouse, speaker and the system unit or the tower. You might be wondering why do need to know all these components. The answer is quite simple and that is so you will know how to take good care of your computer.

Most cases of hardware failure are due to lack of proper maintenance. You cannot ignore the fact that your computer needs to be cleaned also especially if you bring it outside your home. Dust particles can easily accumulate. The time will come when you might be wondering why your computer does not turn on and you will later find out through the technician that dust has already made its way through the small holes and that is what’s causing the problem. It is very important that you have a small soft brush so you could clean the unit every now and then. It is even advisable to clean it after using. Take good care of your computer because if it will be destroyed, the repairs will not only cost you lots of dollars, you will also lose relevant time that should have been used in working. The worst thing that could happen if you continue to ignore computer maintenance is that the unit might be totally destroyed and you have to purchase a new computer.

Examples of Computer Hardware – Understanding Computer Components

It is easy to get confused when you are researching computers. Many newcomers get frustrated and it seems like the salesman at the local big box electronic store is speaking a foreign language. Many terms and words apply to the computer industry that does not apply to any other aspect of living. What is software? What is hardware? What is the CPU? ROM? RAM? Let’s take a moment to look at some examples of computer hardware.

Computer hardware is just that, the “hard” surfaces you can touch. Hardware is what the computer is made of. Software is the programs running on the hardware that tell your computer what to do when you use the computer to balance your checkbook, look at email or surf the internet. Examples of computer hardware include:

o The Monitor – what you view the results on, like a television.
o The CPU – central processing unit is where all the complicated math and computing happen.
o CD or DVD ROM – This is the drive that “reads” cd’s or dvd’s. ROM’s are NOT burners the “read only.”
o CD or DVD RW – This is the drives that “burn” or “make” cd’s and dvd’s. Typically they can read and write to a cd or dvd.
o Memory – This is just as it reads; the more memory your computer has, the better it will function.
o Printer – This allows you to print documents (your resume,) pictures, and many times printers have more than one function. Many printers can double up as scanners, fax machines and copiers.
o Wireless or Hardwired Routers – These are the devices that allow you to connect to other computers in your “network.” They can work singly or in conjunction with “modems” which are the devices that allow you to connect to the internet.

Although the list above is quite extensive, it does not include all the examples of computer hardware you might run into. Lot’s of devices are considered hardware (remember, you can touch hardware.) The list of devices not mentioned include cd’s and dvd’s, flash drives, floppy drives and disks, the mouse and keyboard, and the hard drives that store the operating systems and software on.

Computers have different configurations of hardware. Some offer more memory, storage, or optional drives. The type of computer you purchase will depend on what you do with it. There are different configurations available for virtually every application and desire. Whether you are going to play games, just email and surf the net, or plot the distances between the planets and stars, there is a computer set up and ready for you to purchase. Each will be configured a little differently based upon what demands your applications will place upon the hardware.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the different examples of computer hardware and can make an informed decision when making your next computer purchase.

Computer Appreciation For Beginners (Part 4)

At times it surprises me when some people operates a machine and claim it operates very well when they do not even know of the machine’s components. It is pertinent to know of the components of a particular device and their functions so as to be able to identify and troubleshoot in case of the system problem. And so, in this part of the article “Part 4” on ‘Computer Appreciation for Beginners’, I wish to let you know of the four major components of a computer system.

The five major components of the computer system are:

Hardware Components: The Hardware is classified as the physical parts of the system, which can be seen, feel, touch and carry about. All the hard components of a computer, whether internal or external are classified as the hardware. Examples: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, System unit, Disk drives etc.

Software Components: This is said to be the programs found in the computer system. The software is divided into two parts: System Software and Application Software. The System software is the program from the manufacturers that enable the computer to function effectively. They are the operating systems such as Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Linux etc., which the computer uses for its own manipulations. The application software or packages are programs like Microsoft office, CorelDraw, PageMaker, AutoCAD etc. designed to aid our day-to-day activities or transactions. I hope to provide you with practical steps on how to use these application packages as we move along in this powerful article on Computer Appreciation.

Firmware: These are programs or information burnt up in the ROM (Read Only Memory), which are said to be nonvolatile (that is, cannot be altered or change when there is a power failure). They are sets of instructions the computer follows to enhance its activities.

Human ware: Human ware components of the system are simply the computer users or operators. So you and I as well form the sub-component of a computer system. The Microcomputer as we all know can not function alone without humans.

Life ware: This is referred to as the electricity that gives the computer power to function. It is believed that the desktop computer cannot function in the absence of light except for portable systems such as Laptops, Notebook, etc. that can alternatively use batteries in the absence of light.